Hi, I am SMR.
A computer geek. Working as chief hacker in a co-founded software company.

About me

I am Computer Science Engineering graduate from IIIT Hyderabad, India with honours in Computer Graphics. Areas of my intersts include Graphics, GPU hacking, Operating Systems and Algorithms Programming.

I am natively from village Daroti (Tikkar, Rohru) in Shimla (HP, India). I did my early schooling (till 5th) from SVM Tikkar. At the age of 12, I was sent to hostel at JNV Theog, Shimla from where I passed intermediate schooling in 2000. After that I prepared for engineering enterance examinations for a year at Delhi and got adminssion in BTech program at IIIT Hyderabad in 2001. Later, in 2005 I joined research program at CVIT, IIIT for post-graduation (MS by Research). While my MS was in progress, I co-founded a startup. I am now on break from MS.


I capture my life in my diary-cum-blog. Apart from events and thoughts from my life, I also write on entrepreneurship, philosophy, gnu/linux, programming, hacking, technology, etc.

A bit more

I am (I think I am) cool (nothing worries me), existential (here and now), objectivist (show me the reason), hacker (real life), geek (by nature and by choice), random (love being that), impulsive (blink!), creative (I created nothing :( ), great kisser (its an art), a good person (that's naturally), atheist (seeing is beleiving), free (just cant live in any boundries), philosopher (can't avoid thinking), a budding entrepreneur (infatuated), ...


My heros live only in the books of Ayn Rand.
  "I swear, by my life and my love of it,
   that I will never live for the sake of another man,
   nor ask another man to live for mine."
- Ayn Rand

I like Osho's funda of Awareness and Consciousness and appreciate his philosophy.
  "I don't believe in anything.
   I don't have any belief system.
   I don't have any creed, dogma.
   My whole approach is existential.
   One should not have shoulds and should nots.
   One should simply exist spontaneously.
   Live in the moment.
   Be alert, and enjoy whatsoever happens out of that alertness.
   Don't keep an attitude, character, morality, descipline.
   Don't fight with you.
   Don't try to make a structure around you of character, of morality.
   Don't descipline you too much. Move with the situation,
   respond to the situtaion. Remain loose and natural, floating.
   Don't try to impose any thing on you, your being.
   If you are too much cultured you will loose all that is natutal.
   Then you will be a machenical thing, not floating not flowing.
   Live moment to moment. Live with alertness.
   Be aware and conscious."
- Osho [ed]

  - smr
Updated: 2008